Swiss army knife
I use the ARM boards usually as a quick way to flexibly interface some external circuits to a computer via USB; e.g., temperature sensors, pH sensors, microwave detectors…
        They are like a ‘Swiss army knife,’ cheaper and more quickly available than building something dedicated from scratch.
—Thomas K.
Government Researcher
Today and tomorrow we are demonstrating our Android controlled robots at GoogleIO in San Francisco (perhaps the biggest tech event of the year).
        The robots all use your Super Pro board. Your boards connect with the Android tablets via Bluetooth.
—Mike W., Stupid Fun Club


        Now Coridium has expanded the Arduino Shield-compatible line to include the 200 MHz dual core LPC4330 in the DATAlogger. This combines the fastest ARM Cortex CPU with a wide array of peripherals, 83 IOs, 8 10bit ADs and built in SDcard interface.


        Competing in today's technology market, influenced by rapid change, and time-to-market demands tools that give you the power to use the latest micro-controllers, while maintaining ease of use.

        Coridium has served the industrial and engineering communities for the better part of a decade. We have experience in a wide range of the latest Cortex ARM micro-controllers.

        Our software tools are always FREE for hardware products that you buy here.


        We are looking for beta testers for a new BASIC compiler for the LPC812. So to get a board check out the details here.


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Industrial engineers:

Quickly build factory floor instruments.

  • Ethernet/USB
  • Web page integration
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Leverage the performance of programming in C or BASIC right out of the box with the ARM Computer Boards and Controllers.