Controls  PAGE

This page controls the ARMweb.  It is always available even if the main page served is a user page.  It can be accessed at the armweb.htm page.

Main Page :
The default is to come to this page. When the user loads their own pages via ftp, then this can be changed to make the main page the user generated page

The ARMweb's default node name is ARMweb, when you change this main page, the ARMweb will adopt that entry as its node name.  The node name will be seen by DHCP servers, as well as the response to node ping .

Set Date:
If your browser supports the JavaScript system-time functions this button will access the systems date and time and update the ARMweb registers.

The ARMweb node can either use a DHCP to obtain its IP address, or you can set it to a fixed IP address.  The default is to accept a DHCP generated IP address.

We routinely allow the DHCP server to assign an initial address, but will use a fixed IP address in the final setup.  One reason to assign a fixed IP, is to make sure that the IP address assigned never changes, for instance following a power outage.

Security is OFF  :  
When Security is OFF the user's BASIC program will not start on reset.  Also you have access to the Controls Page, ftp server and run/stop clear buttons.

When Security is ON, the users BASIC program is run on reset. This will also lock out ftp, control, stop, clear and code page access when the user program is running.  When enabled updates can not be made from the web as long as the user BASIC program is running.  When enabled and the user program is running, the only way to make changes is to physically hold the push-button on the ARMweb during power up, which returns to the factory defaults (including erasing the program and any files in the ftp space).   You must also change the default passwords for this to work.

When Security is ON, debug messages to UART0 (and via USB dongle to BASICtools) are disabled.  This improves the performance of web server.

Standalone/Networked Mode :
This is part of the initial configuration.  The default is Standalone mode, but it will switch to Network mode if the ARMweb ever gets a response from a DHCP server.  While in Standalone mode, the IP address will be normally, and the ARMweb will act as a mini-DHCP server for a PC connected directly to it.  This allows a very minimal system to configure the ARMweb (see the Getting Started section)

The ftp service can use a password (the default is none or user/pass and password checking turned off). If you do set a different username and password also click the Use Password button.

The MAIL statement can send an email to the address and server set by these fields. The SMTP server for is normally  .

Program Statistics :
The compiler keeps track of the amount of code and variable space that has been used, and is represented by a percentage of the whole space (64KB code, and 4KB data).

Accepting Changes:
Any changes you make will not be permanent until the next power cycle (power off and on).  If you do not want to make changes there is an Undo All Changes button, that will revert to the last saved configuration.

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