BASICchip USB connection

Step 2: Connect USB

Coridium provides boards that allow easy connection to a BASICchip (PROstart and BASICboard).  With the BASICboard having the BASICchip in a socket.  But you can also program a BASICchip in your own system, providing 2.5 to 3.3V power and 3 signal connections.
For reference the minimal connections for the BASIC chip are power (supplied from a 78L33 or similar, with adequate bypass caps) and connections for RESET, TXD0 and RXD0.  These are all that are needed to program the part from BASICtools.
Below an illustration using the FTDI serial cable. This setup uses the 5V from the cable and a 78L33 to generate 3.3V. You should add bypass capacitors between power and ground.