Web page Programming

Building a web page on the ARMweb is much like any other web server.  An HTML web page is ftp'd to the ARMweb, and it can communicate to a BASIC program running on the ARMweb.  The BASIC program can be controlling attached devices.  Control or data can be fed back through the web page interface.  All sources for this example are at www.coridiumcorp.com/files/WebBASIC.zip

Use standard HTML and JavaScript

Build your web page in standard HTML and JavaScript. Include text and graphics in the web page, here the web page includes an image of a logo. In this example user actions on the web page are fed back with a CGI script using JavaScript button action.  It also can display a state of the ARMweb, here an LED by running a small BASIC program (included into the HTML).

simple html page

Upload to ARMweb using FTP

No special tools to compile your page, just upload it to the ARMweb. Here the 2 files used for the web page, the main HTML and the banner image.

ftp page

Interact with a BASIC program running on the ARMweb

The web page can send data to the ARMweb using CGI that can be read in your BASIC program. It can parse these requests and perform various actions.  This allows you to control an ARMweb across the room or anywhere on the internet.

BASIC page

Your Web application running on an ARMweb

This is what will appear on the web, served by the ARMweb.

dump page

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