FTP Services

ARMweb contains a small File System to store additional web pages.

By default password protection is not used for FTP.
If logging in from a command prompt simply press enter when asked for Username and Password.
If password protection is desired go to the Controls page of ARMweb and select Use Password.
NOTE : The default user name is "user" and password "pass".

Change these as desired and reset the node to apply changes.
Also on the Controls page, a file from the system may be chosen as the Main Page.
This then becomes the default page when browsing to http://ARMweb or to http://Nodes-IP-address .

The current implementation is aimed at using the simplest ftp interface, and it may not work with more complex ftp programs or browsers doing ftp.  We recommend using the Windows ftp from the DOS command prompt.  Here is a sample session used to copy the files for a web page to the ARMweb ( was assigned by the DHCP, and the default username/pass were used (either enter user and pass, or just hit enter both times).

After the above ftp session a web page has been setup on the ARMweb.  It can be viewed at

To make that the main page served by the ARMweb go to the controls page.

At this point the change will not take affect until the ARMweb is reset, the easiest way is to cycle power on and off.

From then on, when you navigate to the simple.html page will be displayed.  If you want to go to the ARMweb BASIC, Controls or Values page, go to

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