Firmware Update

ARMweb allows for firmware updates in the field.  The following steps should be used.

After version 7.36, firmware versions will require update via USB.  Note what com port the USB is configured as, you will need that information below.

Download load21xx.exe from the Yahoo ARMexpress Forum Files section.

Also download the latest ARMweb firmware.  The name will be of the form webXXXX.hex.   As of March 2011, web0746.hex is the latest release.

From a command line run load21xx.exe.

It will prompt you for the proper format of the command to update, the CPU is a 2138  -- see below for an example session.

Restoring Factory Defaults

Press and hold the button on pin P0.7 during RESET (on J8.9 in DINkit).  The firmware will erase all user programs, settings and files in the ftp area.

firmware update session --