CPU details

   These are links to detailed documentation for the CPUs used in the Coridium products.  These files are at the NXP website, when in doubt check www.nxp.com for the latest.

LPC1114 used in the BASICchip, PROstart and BASICboard

   LPC1114 data sheet

   LPC1114 user manual

LPC1756 used in the Super PRO and LPC1751 used in the PROplus

   LPC1756 data sheet

   LPC1756 user manual

LPC2103 used in the ARMmite, ARMexpress LITE and ARMmite PRO

   LPC2103 data sheet

   LPC2103 User manual

LPC2106 used in the ARMexpress

   LPC2106 data sheet

   LPC2106 User manual

LPC2138 used in the ARMweb

   LPC2138 data sheet

   LPC2138 user manual