IF expression THEN statement(s) [ELSE statement(s) ]
IF expression [THEN]
[ELSEIF expression [THEN]
    statement(s) ]
    statement(s) ]


IF...THEN is a way to make decisions. It is a mechanism to execute code only if a condition is true, and can provide alternative code to execute based on more conditions.

The syntax allows single line IF..THEN, or multi-line versions that end with ENDIF.

The single line version only allows simple statements.  To use nested IFs the multi-line version must be used.

Version 7.00 allows ENDIF or END IF


'e.g. here is a simple "guess the number" game using if...then for a decision.
PRINT "guess the number between 0 and 10"

DO 'Start a loop
        PRINT "guess"
        DEBUGIN y                          'Input a number from the user
        IF x = y THEN
                PRINT "right!" 'He/she guessed the right number!
        ELSEIF y > 10 THEN 'The number is higher then 10
                PRINT "The number cant be greater then 10! Use the force!"
        ELSEIF x > y THEN
                PRINT "too low" 'The users guess is to low
        ELSEIF x < y THEN
                PRINT "too high" 'The users guess is to high
LOOP 'Go back to the start of the loop 
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