DEBUGIN variable


DEBUGIN variable | string

Normally the programs running on an ARM are running stand-alone and without direct human input.  However, during the bring up phase a programmer may want to try different values.  So a simplified replacement of the normal BASIC INPUT has been added, called DEBUGIN.

INPUT is used to control the direction of one of the IO pins.

DEBUGIN has a limited edit capacity: it allows to erase characters using the backspace key. If a better user interface is needed, a custom input routine should be used.

DEBUGIN may also read a string from the control serial port.

DEBUGIN does NOT support SINGLE variables.

On the ARMweb, this command is available only on the debug USB port.


while 1
  debugin a
  print a*10
Animated screen capture of DEBUGIN -- see web page help
Differences from other BASICs