MAIL ( string )                                                           ' does not use authentication,

MAIL (message, recipient, user_name, pass_word)      ' takes 4 strings and uses authorization


In the first form MAIL will send an email to the address specified in the Controls page.  This email is limited to an address on your mail server/ISP, as it is piggybacking on the authentication of your internet connection. 

So you can send an email to yourself. 

To use email authentication use the second form, in this case it uses the SMTP address of the controls page, and logs in using the user_name and pass_word.  The email message will be sent to recipientrecipient requires the full address like  user_name should NOT include as that is set in the Controls page smtp server.

In all cases email is limited to 1 email sent every 10 seconds.


Go to the Controls web page of the ARMweb.
Enter your email address in the Email input box and press enter.
Enter your SMTP server's address in the SMTP input box and press enter.

Reset the node to apply the changes.

The smtp server used must service the email address chosen.

The maximum size of the MessageList  which will be contained in the email Body is 255 bytes.


DIM Astr(10) as STRING
Astr= "the current temperature is "+STR(temperature) 
MAIL (Astr)

MAIL ("operator intervention needed")  ' send a short email to yourself
MAIL("wake up out there","","my_user_name","my_password")

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