Halt execution of the program.

STOP functions like a breakpoint when under control of BASICtools.  When the STOP is executed the BASIC program halts execution, but allows BASICtools to dump variable values.  Also in BASICtools RUN will resume execution at the statement following STOP.

You may also read and write memory locations using @ and !     For these commands, hexadecimal numbers are assumed, you should not type $ or &H.

@ hex-address   [hex-number ]   '   will display hex-number locations starting at hex-addr,  if hex-number is omitted, 8 locations are displayed.

! hex-address hex-value              '   will write hex-value into the location hex-address

^      ' will continue user BASIC program execution 


'If pin 2 is low halt the processor
IF IO(2) = 0 THEN
  PRINT "Processor Stopped"
  PRINT "Press Reset to Continue"

Differences from other BASICs

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