Step 5: More Complex Programming

Choose a File

While the Enter line can be useful for small programs or quickly checking out hardware, you will probably soon need to write larger programs.  The way to do this is with a text editor.  We don't enforce any text editor on you, you can choose your favorite.  We tend to use the Crimson Editor, though a number of users are liking NotePad Plus (NPP).  Once you've typed up your program you can load that with BASICtools. It is easier to create a larger program with a text editor and then to Load File.  You can link BASICtools to your favorite editor with the options (see the next section), or launch the original Windows Notepad if no editor is chosen.

Also the Enter line is limited in that #include <library> may be used, but the general pre-processor #include and other #directives should be avoided when typing a program a line at a time.

Choose a File

File Open

You're now ready to start tackling your application.  Check with the Coridium Forum for files and help from other users of ARMbasic products. 

For more details on the BASICtools IDE check the next page.