Web Services


ARMweb may be accessed from any web browser by going to http://ARMweb or if the node's IP is known http://192.168.xx.yy.
From here users may enter code a line at a time, download basic files or access all features of ARMweb.

Building a web page

This is not the venue to teach web page design, but a simple example will be presented here.  Various ways can be used to build a web page from FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Mozilla-Composer, to your favorite text editor.  This page is built with 2 files, the main page and an image file (banner1.gif).  This is the sample source built as displayed in Mozilla Composer.

Once you've built a page, use the FTP Services to upload it.  Then you will be able to view the page as the main page for the ARMweb-

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