Step 1: Install Software

Coridium Products use a BASIC Compiler that runs on the PC. Coridium supplies BASICtools which includes a terminal emulator and IDE that is specifically designed for the PRO family, BASICchip, ARMmite and Ethernet boards.  Also, a number of help files and documents about the ARMbasic will be installed on the machine at this time.   This installer is meant for Windows 10, WIndows 8, Windows 7, or Windows XPboth 32 and 64 bit version.

Download from the web, and run the program to start the installation.

  Click Next to get started. 

   Accept the defaults and Install.  You may chose a different target directory.

  The installation will now run, and when it finishes hit Close

  And its as easy as that.

On to Connecting to SuperPRO

On to connect PRO family boards