Step 2: Connect USB to MBED

Start BASICtools

If there are no serial devices listed that have only the last letter capitalized, then the MBED drivers for a USB serial device have not been installed, go back to step 1 and install the drivers.  There may be other comx ports listed (all lower case), which are not MBED USB serial devices. Any COMx devices (all caps) listed are FTDI serial ports.  If there is a coMx device listed skip to the end of the page.  Select that serial port.

If you do not see this ComN device, then communication has not been established.

Now change the baud setting for the serial port.  Earlier Coridium devices used 19.2Kbaud as a default rate, but newer ones and MBED use 115Kbaud

Install BASIC firmware on the MBED

You were emailed a mbedXXXX.bin file from Coridium.  Copy this file onto the MBED directory, make sure it is the only .bin file in that directory.  Then press the RESET button.

You should see a welcome message in the BASICtools window

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