Step 2: Connect USB on the PRO family

Connect Coridium USB Dongle to ARMmite PRO

The ARMmite PRO   Eval Kit comes with a USB dongle and cable. This dongle and cable allows you to connect the ARMmite PRO directly to a computer equipped with USB.  When connected to a PC, power is supplied by the PC, the optional power connection is not required, but both may be safely connected.
Connect FTDI cable to ARMmite PRO

Connect black wire to GND.  This cable is available at Digikey or the Makershed.  This cable connects RTS to RESETn, BASICtools support this.

Connect SparkFun USB Dongle to ARMmite PRO

USB dongle from Sparkfun shown

Connect USB Cable to Computer

Connect USB to PC

Locate the USB jack on your computer and plug the other end of
the cable into it.

Wow did I really take that picture on a computer with floppies.  USB connectors have become more standard since then.


Please Consult Installation Guides

Add New Hardware

Most PC's will sound a tone that indicates a new USB device has been connected.  Most Windows  Vista and 7 systems will either include the FTDI device driver or are able to download it automatically from the network.

If your system is unable to do that. 

Install drivers for Coridium devices --

If no serial ports are active in your system you will be prompted to install drivers

Or if there are other serial devices in your system, you can install drivers from BASICtools menus

We try to keep up to date with the FTDI drivers for the chip we use, but up to date details are at the VCP drivers page. 

Driver Installation Complete, Confirm USB Connection

The ARMmite PRO will be powered from the USB bus, when using either the Coridium Dongle or the FTDI 5V cable.  It may also be connected to a 6-7V DC power source simultaneously.

To verify connection with the USB and PC the LED on the Eval PCB should light up.

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