Step 1: Install Software

Actually much of the software you need for the ARMweb is already on your computer.  The interface to the ARMweb is through any web-browser.  That's why we call this Simply Connected™ technology.

A simple ARMbasic compiler runs on the ARMweb.  While you can write short BASIC programs with this interface, the compiler is there to support BASIC that is embedded into the HTML of the web pages served by the ARMweb.  Your main BASIC program should be debugged and loaded via BASICtools over a USB connection.

You will want to run the setupBASIC installation, to get access to documentation about ARMbasic and the PC based main BASIC compiler. 

  Click Next to get started. 

   Accept the defaults and Install.  You may chose a different target directory.

  The installation will now run, and when it finishes hit Close .  

  And its as easy as that.

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