The ARMmite, ARMweb, DINkit and SuperPRO have a provision to add a battery to keep these time functions running when power is removed.  That battery (ML2020) has to be installed by the user or can be special ordered for larger volume customers.

The BASICchip does not have RTC hardware.  The PROplus board does not have the RTC crystal installed.


#include <RTC.bas>                             ' source in /Program Files/Coridium/BASIClib

FUNCTION HOUR(value)   'When called with -1 the current value for HOUR is returned.


Function setting or returning the hour.

When called with a value >= 0, the HOUR is changed.
Range 0 to 23. 


#include <RTC.bas>

HOUR (13)
PRINT "This is ";  MONTH(0); "/"; DAY(0); "/"; YEAR(0), "at"; HOUR(-1); ":"; MINUTE(-1); ":"; SECOND(-1)
The output would look like:
This is 4/14/2006 at 13:15:30