Step 3: Writing a simple Program with the web interface

The traditional "Hi Mom" program


This section describes writing programs with the web interface, which is fine for small programs.  But you will really want to use the USB interface to write larger programs, covered in the  next section .

The traditional Hi Mom program

So type something like the traditional     PRINT "Hi Mom"   
When you hit the ENTER key it will be sent to the ARMweb and be echoed back
in the console window. (below)

Now RUN the program

Now RUN the program

Now RUN the program

Which you can do by either typing RUN or hitting the RUN button at the top of the screen.

And see the results

You can notice a number of things. First the program is compiled and then written into
Flash memory, and your program takes 0K of code and 0K of data space.
Next the program will be executed, as evidenced by the output of "Hi Mom" to the console.
ARMweb also reports back how long the program executed, in this case 3 msec

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