Power On Behavior


Initial Power on conditions

On power up all pins are tri-stated on the ARMweb.

If P0.14 is low during reset, the NXP ISP (in system programming) routine starts.  This is how we load firmware.

If P0.14 is high the Coridium firmware starts up.  It looks for a cable plugged into the PHY.  If there is none the board will not start the user program, but drops into the BASIC firmware monitor.

If there is an Ethernet cable connected, the ARMweb tries 5 times to get an IP address from a DHCP.  There is a pause of 5 seconds between each try.

If no DHCP responds, and the ARMweb has never seen a DHCP response it goes into a mini-DHCP server mode.  In this mode a PC with a cross-over cable may be directly connected to the ARMweb (or a hub and standard cables).  The ARMweb will act as DHCP server to the PC.  This mode is for diagnostic purposes and is NOT intended for normal use.

If the DHCP responds the ARMweb accepts the IP address and the boot process continues.

The ARMweb waits 0.5 seconds for an ESC character, which if received on UART0 stops the user program from running.  If no ESC is received the process continues.

If the ARMweb security setting on the controls page has been set, the user program will start.  If it is not set it will drop into the BASIC firmware monitor.

Restoring Factory Defaults

Press and hold the button on pin P0.7 during RESET (on J8.9 in DINkit).  The firmware will erase all user programs, settings and files in the ftp area.

Regaining control with BASICtools

Hit the STOP, which disables web access and enters the monitor.  Type in a small program that terminates, which will erase the looping program. Hit RESET which will drop back into a non AUTORUN state.

BASIC Boot Loader serial commands

When the user program is not running or not at a STOP, the BASIC firmware monitor is functioning. 

The ARMweb has a full compiler ready to compile BASIC programs line by line.  This can be used with the TclTerm terminal emulator or the web interface of the ARMweb.  When running BASICtools programs are compiled on the PC and downloaded to the ARMweb.  The ARMweb also supports the commands used by all the others, and these are used to load and control BASIC programs-