Optional: USB connection for BASICtools

While the ARMweb can be programmed through the web page, during the development cycle BASICtools can be used via a USB connection.  BASICtools has a much faster response than a browser.

The attachment of the USB and power supply is shown below.  While an Ethernet connection is not required, if it exists and there is a DHCP server, the ARMweb will boot faster (otherwise each reset the 10 second timeout waiting for DHCP service will occur).


 DINkit (Ethernet)

 mbed LPC1768

Why use BASICtools?

Browsers are very slow when refreshing a web page, so the interaction with the programmer is better with BASICtools.

#include can not be used from a web page, as the ARMweb does not have direct access to the #include'd file

The BASIC compiler on the PC has more memory for the symbol table and can handle larger programs than when compiling on the built-in ARMweb compiler. 

The variable dump tool is available in BASICtools.  Debug messages are sent to the USB port, as well as <?BASIC ... ?> source and output when processing web requests. When your program is debugged and AutoRun is turned on the USB port is turned off.  You can improve the performance of the web server BASIC compiler by increasing the speed of UART0, by changing baud settings in BASICtools and executing BAUD0(937500) in your main program.

For an introduction to BASICtools refer to the ARMmite sections .

BASIC and Web page interaction

BASIC can be embedded in the web page served by the ARMweb.  That BASIC code can access global variables of the user program running on the ARMweb.  At present, BASIC embedded in the web page can not call a FUNCTION or SUB (this will be a future enhancement).

The user (client) can also interact with an ARMweb BASIC program via the CGI mechanism.

USB drivers

Most PC's will sound a tone that indicates a new USB device has been connected.  Most Windows  Vista and 7 systems will either include the FTDI device driver or are able to download it automatically from the network.

If your system is unable to do that.  Run the FTDI driver installation setup in the \Program Files\Coridium\Windows_drivers directory.  This will install the proper drivers for the FTDI chips we use for interfacing to the USB. 

Up to date details are at the www.ftdichip.com VCP drivers page. 



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