Coridium was contracted by the research lab of a 100 billion dollar company to do a design of a wireless data monitoring device. The device had to communicate wireless in real time to a server, reporting temperature, ambient light levels, ambient sound levels and various measurements of the AC power.

        Coridium adapted a SuperPRO to do some initial evaluations. The final design included a full custom design using an LPC1756, an off the shelf WiFi module, a full custom heatsink and semi-custom off-line power supply. For the AC line monitoring a capacitive divider was used to measure the voltage which kept the size smaller. The design also included triac control of an external device (which drove the need for the heatsink and the U shaped area required for the controlled power outlet). Coridium also did the initial software design that communicated all this data back to a server. A few 100 of these are now part of an extended environmental and energy use study by the customer around the world.



  • Sensors
  • Monitoring
  • Measurement
  • Simple controls