• Leverage our Expertise

    We have supplied C tools, BASIC compilers, and protoyping tools for a variety of ARM processors for more than 15 years

  • Get to market faster

    Engineers and Makers harness the plug-in power of our unique small form factor and Arduino shield-compatible boards

  • Low Cost and Easy to Use

    Our tools just work out of the box. We get you up and running in no time, rather than forcing you to read lots of documentation

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Whether you are a design engineer, back yard inventor, or a learning future star, Coridium supplies tools to make your job easier.

Coridium Engineers have been designing embedded systems for many decades now

We have seen tools come and go. Unfortunately we have also seen those tools get so complex that for the casual user the learning curve is longer than solving the simple control problem.

To reverse this trend Coridium has supplied BASIC compilers for a variety of ARM processors for more than 10 years. If you are curious about it's features, you can run an emulator version on the PC or check details in the blog. Our BASIC is a true compiler and runs 10 to 30 times faster than interpreters on equivalent processors.

We manufacture general purpose boards using ARM processors that can be used for fast prototyping. Our boards use both minimal size and Arduino form factor to leverage the wide variety of "shields" for various peripheral devices. In many cases we have taken those boards to quickly build a prototype. Then follow on building semi or full custom embedded product for our customers.

We also use the gcc suite of tools and have built a simple IDE that targets the growing number of ARM processors that we have used over the years. This has been expanded to make it easy to change the open source Tcl code to add new vendors and chips.

Text editors are very personal to programmers, and our IDEs allow you to use the editor of your choice. On Windows we will install the latest Notepad++ if you don't have a preference. Download our latest MakeItC. This includes a compact open source embedded C printf and run time debugger.