Coridium News and Updates

When News breaks, ... we fix it

I had a customer order some ARMstamps, and was trying to get them to run on a Win XP machine. As those devices were designed about 10 years after support for XP ended, I wasn't sure whether NXP ever tested that driver for XP. Also I had long since cleaned up by tossing old Win XP machines, or converting them to Linux.

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Our move to FL is almost complete, almost all unpacked and stored away somewhere where we can find it.

In addition we were just granted a new CAGE code, 9AYV1 .

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Yes holidays, means family and mine are arriving, but there is still down time.

  • Good time to revamp the website - check
  • Get CAGE code updated -- in process
  • got a new D&B number -- check

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

One thing that triggered this was all the emails from "services" w...

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Windows fixed

Back in November one of our users reported Windows would not run our installers which use NSIS, a very popular installer. Well seems like someone in Redmond got around to fixing this oversight. So once you pass the Run Anyway screen our installers once again run fine. We made no changes.

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About this time of year is when I monkey with the web site. This time I am thinking of switching out of OScommerce and PayPal to Stripe.

It was easy to setup, maybe not all the features I want, but close enough for now

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