We've been porting our BASIC for ARM to popular hardware platforms, and now we include micro:bit nRF51822 to join Arduino Zeros, Pokito LPC1768mbed and Teensy. We don't build or sell these boards but by providing a binary file it is easy for user to load BASIC firmware onto these platforms.

For the micro:bit download and copy this binary onto the File page of the microbit

File window for micro:bit device

Then download and install our BASICtools

You will then see the banner image of this blog. We have ported some examples for the micro:bit to BASIC

We are looking for feedback and you can comment on our forum.

The next generation of engineers is important and these tools get them started on their path. Along those lines we are supporting an effort to publish a Blockly BASIC version. Below is our blinky.bas program written in Blocks. I can see the attraction as a teaching tool.

Blinky demo

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