SAMD21's keep getting smaller. Now out the Seeede Studio XIAO, it may be slightly smaller than the Itaca uChip, both small and cute. If you're tired of needing to install nearly a Gigabyte of stuff to program these. Maybe it's time to try BASIC, it's a free download.

Our BASIC installs quickly with around 30 MB of installation software, most being documentation.

Turn on the LED --


turn it off --


These XIAO's use USB-C, had to go out and buy some cables for that. Luckily I found some fancy red ones on eBay, so they will stand out among all the other black and white USB cables I have.

For details on how to install BASIC see an earlier blog post, or even more details in the forum.

No reset switch on these but 2 pads you can short with tweezers or a small screw driver. Those pads on the top side of the board, on the opposite side from the LEDs next to the USB connector. You need to do this for the Bossa app to recognize the board

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