BASIC hardware library

These libraries can be #include 'd into a BASIC program, adding string and hardware functions.

Register definitions

  • LPC11U37.bas defines registers of the LPC11U37 accessed thru pointers

    String Functions

  • midstr extracts characters from a string forming a new string
  • strchr finds a character in a string
  • strstr finds a string in a string
  • tolower converts a string to lower case
  • toupper converts a string to upper case

    I2C operations

  • I2CIN read an I2C device
  • I2COUT write to an I2C device

    SPI functions

  • SPIIN read an SPI device
  • SPIOUT write to an SPI device

    SHIFT functions

  • SHIFTIN read to a non-byte oriented serial device
  • SHIFTOUT write to a non-byte oriented serial device

    Onewire functions

  • OWIN read a one wire device
  • OWOUT write to a one wire device

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PBASIC functions

These are added for backward compatibility, but most have been replaced by other library functions.

  • PWM

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