BASIC math library

Tod W contributed this math library written in BASIC, and also verified it against Excel.

To access these functions, #include "ab_math.bas"

Trig functions

  • cos returns the cos of the radians passed
  • sin returns the sin of the radians passed
  • tan returns the tangent of the radians passed

    Power Functions

  • sqrt returns the square root
  • exp returns e to the x power
  • logn returns natural log
  • log10 returns 10 based log
  • pow returns number raised to power


  • fix integer value of single, conversions also implied
  • floor rounds down
  • ceil rounds up
  • round rounds to closest integer

    Inverse Trig functions

  • acos arc cosine
  • asin arc sine
  • atan arc tangent

    Hyperbolic functions

  • cosh hyperbolic cosine
  • sinh hyperbolic sine
  • tanh hyperbolic tangent

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