We've been OK'd for a Kickstarter project to bring our BASIC to the Arduino Zero family of boards.

Kickstarter page, so check it out, we have a range of rewards available, most will bundle a Zero board with our BASIC. But you can also be part of the beta testers if you have an existing board, and get a copy of the firmware.

Here are the steps to load BASIC onto a Zero.

  • First download and install our BASICtools IDE
  • Next you need a tool to load binaries onto your Zero, We use the BOSSA app. Download and install that.
  • Join the Kickstarter community, it will cost you a buck. And we will email you the latest BASIC firmware binary, and save that.
  • Connect your Zero board to USB, and get it into download mode, by pushing the RESET button twice.
  • Run the BOSSA app

Bossa App screen

  • It should show you a serial port and select that.
  • Select the binary file we sent you.
  • Make sure you set the Flash offset to 0x2000
  • Push the Write button.
  • BASIC firmware is now installed, open BASICtools (there should be a shortcut on the desktop)

BASICtools connected to your Zero

An overview of the features of our compiled BASIC

There is detailed documentation on the BASIC in the Help menu.

Your feedback is important to us, drop us a line or join our forum.

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