The custom design of an LPC54016 we just completed, has been built, debugged, and delivered to the customer. A new trend is for serial peripherals to be combined and then configured in software. This is true of the LPC54016 which has Flexcomms that can be used as UARTs, I2Cs, SPIs and some for I2S.

This makes sense as the largest logic portion of these is the shift registers and FIFOs, so by adding some configurable control hardware the various interfaces can be used.

The customer requirement was for at least 4 UARTs along with a debug UART and DFU style UART on the USB. We've checked out configuration for all 11 available UARTs on the LPC54016. We had to add code as the most we had done before was 4, all these supported by interrupt serviced buffers, so high baud rates on all are possible.

RS-232 with 12V drivers were used in this design.

LPC54016 custom PCB

Yes still getting used to KiCAD so the first article needed some minor rework (wire showing).

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