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Kickstarter for a new Stamp

Kickstarter for a new Stamp

Posted on 21st Oct 2017

The Parallax BASIC Stamp once the center of DIY electronic control is now 25 years old without an update. So this successful Kickstarter campaign will launch a new stamp version based on a USB ARM CPU, with 700 times the performance and 100 times the memory. Programmable in BASIC or C as well as other languages.

New Website

Posted on 1st Oct 2017

Welcome to the new Coridium website, I finally joined the modern world. Got one of them thar smart phones :) Thanks to proof readers Mike and Olzeke and Grav CMS and a2hosting

Customer Feedback

Posted on 2nd Oct 2016

It's a Complicated World We think the world of embedded system development has become too complicated. It's challenging enough to stay current in your chosen field of expertise, let alone master the typical software development system distributed with Gigabytes of install, or the complexities of n...

Company Profile

Posted on 2nd Sep 2016

Coridium Corporation (Tahoe Vista, CA) offers small footprint, high performance computer chips and boards for the development of wireless, monitoring, measurement, sensors, and related applications.

Ancient History

Posted on 26th Nov 2015

Grabbed some old stuff from the way back machine