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Coridium LLC has been designing and maintaining web sites for 20 years, starting with our own. The first designs started with simple html pages edited by hand, then moving onto blocks, and now we use a CMS (content management system) based on Grav. Grav is an easy to use open source flat-file CMS. It has many themes to provide different web page layouts. Once setup, we can train you to make updates, or we can continue to do them for you. With Grav your costs are low, no need to pay additional monthly fees for CMS support.

We branched out from our own web design to various non-profits where we were members. Then moving on to local charities.

If you need to handle credit card payments we can configure Stripe for you.

Our portfolio includes

Truckee EAA 1073

Timber Pine Pickleball Club

Crescent Clinic in Hernando County

My personal site

Truckee Friends of the Truckee Airport (temporary site for a local election)

From user input, I switched over to the same theme for all my websites (I like it too), but I have used many different themes in the past.

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