What did the Earth shift on its axis?



Wow the website changed big time.

A number of years ago, I read that the style for websites was going simpler and cleaner.

The previous site was flashy with moving pictures, and many menu options down a level.

So recently I was asked to do a website for a local charity clinic, and in looking for a Grav theme that resembled their site, I came upon the Editorial theme. I really liked it and switched all my sites over to it. Using Grav for the most part it was add a new theme and activate it. For simple sites that's all it takes. But of course I had to do some tinkering and now that is mostly done.

If you see any issue please contact us.

This new website is much more phone friendly, which these days is the way more and more (younger and younger) people are browsing the web.

Before the site above it looked like this (can't remember how it was built)


And before that a hand built site


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