LPC54005 eval


This evaluation kit has one of NXP's latest Cortex M4 CPUs with a FPU accelerator for floating point operations.


The CPU runs user BASIC or C code from internal 360K SRAM so it operates at the full 180 MHz rate. Code is downloaded on boot from an 1MB QSPI (larger sizes upto 16 MB are available). Internal AES encryption can protect code from duplication and includes another Physical Unclonable Function.

Internal peripherals include dual USB, 8 timers, upto 11 serial devices (configurable as SPI, UART, I2C or 2 can be I2S), Watchdog timer, RTC timer, and 5Msample 12 bit A/D.

The board is compatible with Arduino shields. It has a total of 52 GPIO pins available.

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NXP spec sheet


Parts diagram

Pin Diagram