Special Offer - NXP LPC800 DIP

This is a special purchase of LPC824 development boards from NXP.

This month we will ship it with our firmware subsystem, so you can run C or BASIC without pushing buttons. Our tools are available free at

C tools using gcc

We generated a BASIC for an LPC824 that never became a product, but you can download it here.

BASIC firmware for LPC824

and install it with BASICtools, unzip it and copy LPC824.hex into the same directory as BASICtools.exe

BASIC tools


  • 30 MHz ARM M0plus CPU
  • 29 5 volt tolerant IOs
  • 8 12-bit A/D converters
  • Analog comparator
  • 3 UARTs
  • 4 I2C channels
  • 2 SPI channels
  • SiLabs USB serial
  • 3 LEDs - Red, Green and Blue
  • ISP and Reset button


  • 2.0”x0.7”
  • 80C51 DIP pin out arrangement


  • 32K user code space
  • 8K user data