Documentation, broken link

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Re: Documentation, broken link

Post by mikechris » Sat May 02, 2020 12:23 am

ARM Stamp Doc issue:

As of the ARMbasic.chm version downloaded on 4/18/20, the 'LPC11U37 Details' page shows:
Pin J1-1, SOUT, IO(18), SP16
Pin J1-2, SIN, IO(19), SP17
The IO#'s are not consistent with the schematic or the LPC11U37 user's manual.
SOUT connects to a TXD output of the LPC11U37, IO(19) (port PIO0_19 as per Table 95).
SIN connects to an RXD input of the LPC11U37, IO(18) (port PIO0_18 as per Table 94).
The IO#'s for these two pins are swapped in ARMbasic.chm.
The SP#'s could be swapped or remain the same if STAMP_PINS.bas was changed.

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Re: Documentation, broken link

Post by basicchip » Sat May 02, 2020 2:02 am

OK you win the prize for longest important un-noticed typo. Thanks for pointing that out. The schematic is correct

The STAMP_PINS.bas file should swap the 18 and 19

As well as the help file pin diagram, making the web help changes now, the others will take effect when I do a new setupBASIC.exe

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