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new website

Post by KeepItSimpleStupid »

The new website reads like a newspaper, not a design resource. Newspapers don't have links. You have a few.

You got rid of ARM Web, so what exactly is the target audience now?

I can't find anything useful.

The topic "Boards" is initially read as a showcase of what we have done for people, not "current lineup of SBC computers and carriers.

Silly website. "Trix are for kids". The slogan is applicable to a cereal commercial.

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Re: new website

Post by basicchip »

I'm not sure what kind of browser you are using, but
initially read as a showcase of what we have done for people,
seems like you were looking at Consulting

not Boards which has all the current boards for sale

you can find links to all the documentation on Help
The new website reads like a newspaper,
You must have been looking at the blog, which is kind of a web newspaper.

As for the ARMweb the LPC2138 is now either obsolete, or not for new designs (from NXP), so it is being only sold to existing customers as long as we can get the parts. If you look in the forum you might notice we have been porting and expanding that Ethernet code to the LPC1768 mbed.


For sale at ... 768network

I have a couple users using those boards and they are helping to ring out the software and help files. I expect I'll make a blog entry for that soon.

But you did catch me, I loved Trix as a kid, haven't had them in maybe 50 years.

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