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I am using the following code on a SuperPro to read the current settings in the PINSEL3 register:

print "original = ", m

This code works correctly on a SuperPro with ARMBasic kernel version 8.08 but will only print out the "or" and then lockup on a SuperPro with ARMBasic kernel version 8.25. I also tried it on a PRO Plus with ARMBasic kernel version 8.36f and it would only print out the "or" and lockup as well. I have not been able to determine how to use the PCB_PINSEL3 with the SuperPro with the ARMBasic kernel version 8.25. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or what could be the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: PCB_PINSEL3 issue

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You are using some very old firmware 8.08 integer BASIC from 2011, 8.25 from 2013

I sent you that latest SuperPRO firmware from 2018, no changes since then.

Make sure you are using the latest BASICtools.

You copy that firmware into the \Program Files (x86)\Coridium directory

BASICtools will have an Install Firmware option under Tools, and this will update the firmware on the SuperPRO

With that it all should work.

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