debugin modification

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debugin modification

Post by olzeke51 »

on your next update of the kernel - would it be possible to send out a "?" just before the DEBUGIN accepts input?
other terminal programs don't give any indication of an input request (ie. TclTerm.tcl)
This is similar to the old-style INPUT command.
I stick it (DEBGIN)in my program and forget about it - thinking the program has hung---
this CAN ALSO occur if the cursor happens to be in the data output (terminal) window instead of the "Enter window"
// sloppy window usage - with several windows open on the desktop - I just click in the terminal window to select it
// so I can do a 'reload file'
originally I included RXD in my suggestion - but upon further thought - if you are doing a bunch of serial data exchanges
you may not want the '?' being transmitted, whereas DEBUGIN is expected to be a one-way transfer of info
Thanx from an OL' timer

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Re: debugin modification

Post by basicchip »

I would strongly disagree with adding it before RXD(0), as that is often the way BASIC communicates with the PC.

If you want to send something to the PC to tell -- Heh send me something, that is up to you.

Now the case for DEBUGIN is a little different and I could see your argument, but while it could be done in the compiler, probably better handled in firmware. It could also be done by --

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function ZEKE_INPUT()
  PRINT "?";
  return I

While DEBUGIN handles STRING or INTEGER it does not handle SINGLE, and frankly with next to no room left in the M0 firmware it won't, but you could write that routine yourself.

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