ARM stamp - LPC11U37 Pinout

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Re: ARM stamp - LPC11U37 Pinout

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basicchip wrote:
Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:00 pm
I have been trying to get Blinky to flash an LED - failure,
First on the LPC11U37 - ARM Stamp the LED is connected to Port 0 bit 1 as defined by NXP and schematic. If you use the #include "STAMP_PINS.bas" it is defined as SP18.
Ah, it is always the simple things which everybody knows, except those who don't.
WIth #include "STAMP_PINS.bas" it works.
Thank you.

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Re: ARM stamp - LPC11U37 Pinout

Post by BrockDorf » per my knowledge all boards can be powered from the USB, and have diode steering so they can also be powered from the system they are plugged into. In the pin diagram above there is USB with a box around it, that is the USB connection for orientation.

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