register or memory thru powerdown or reset

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register or memory thru powerdown or reset

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>question from info line

Is there any place in the armite like unused registers or the rtc that
you can store data that will persist across resets?

First RAM is not kept alive by the battery backup (a design oversite
in my opinion), so there is probably limited usefulness to keeping
data through a reset, but we do it as well (its how we STOP a CPU
running BASIC, we use 0x4000011c). In BASIC on STOP we do not
initialize memory, but that is done before a program is started (all
user variables set to 0). In C its up to you, as that code is found
in crt0.S

According to the User manual the Realmonitor space is available to the
user (as we don't engage it) This space is from 0x40000040 - 0x40000120.

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