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power connectors

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>from support line
>i also realized that i'm having trouble finding a plug to make a
batter >power source for the armmite rev 3. i know the pin diagram of
the usb >so i'm thinking i could just route the power thru the usb
port. will >this affect the microcontroller at all? does it have to be
at exactly >5v? or will 6v work? say 4 aa batteries.

It uses a 2.5mm barrel connector plug, they can be picked up as some
Radio Shack's.

That connector is the way to connect alternate power as there are
diodes to prevent power supply conflicts when different supplies are

You can also remove that connector and use the 2 pads underneath it,
which are spaced at 0.1"

Any voltage over about 4.5V will work.

Most of our newer products either have or have a provision to add a USB-miniB connector for power, with all the cellphones and tablets out there, this looks like the cheapest power solution available, I've seen a lot of car or AC switchers that provide up to 2A at 5V.

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