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SuperPro IO Test Program

Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 2:49 am
by mikechris
SuperPro IO Test Program

The attached program will quickly test all the digital IO lines
by driving the 8 outputs on a selected connector with 8 different
test signals. The IO is grouped into 6 connectors with 8 IO on
J10, J12, J13, J14, and J15; and 6 IO on J9. The program generates
1 pulse per msec on Pin 1, 2 on Pin 2,...., 8 on Pin 8; basically
generating a modified 1 KHz on Pin 1, ....., 8 KHz on Pin 8.
The program also has a single line test.
Setup: Laptop, cable, dongle, board, and scope, or multi-meter
with frequency counter (frequencies read by a multi-meter vary since
the signals are bursts).

Signal on Pin 3 would look like the following:
_ _ _ _ _ _
__| |_| |_| |__________________________| |_| |_| |____________

To use the program, follow prompts to select full connector test
or single line test. For connector test enter the connector number;
a set of 8 signals will be generated on the selected connector until
'STOP' is clicked. Then just probe from Pin 1 to Pin 8 and watch the
frequencies increase.