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Re: web based clock

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I had to revisit the clock recently. One day the ESP8266 died after about a year in service. I figured that might be normal, so I replaced it and the new one failed a couple weeks later.

So it was time to do some investigation. Turns out my 3.3V supply had failed and was supplying nearly 5V to the ESP8266. Definitely a no no. I thought quite odd as many times those linear supplies fail as an open, but not in this case.

So I dug through the parts bin here, and pulled out an LM1117 in an SOT223 package, that now easily supplies the 3.3V. So the clock is back up and ticking.

One other thing that wasn't tested well was we had a 24 hour plus internet outage here, and while the clock was keeping time, I had used a spare digit to indicate that the internet was out. And indeed that indication worked.

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