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Basicchip has inspired me to share the project I've been banging on for two weeks (seriously).
Been cooking it for a long time, though. Loved the 8051 and when NXP put the '824 on a 8051 form factor,
Well I had to try. That is why I created some of the info in the LPC800-DIP project, and this is the
culmination of it.
All that 'stuff' gets put into that display case - keypad in bottom corner, then LCD, then the LED board.
the LED board also has a 'micro-buck regulator' for the 3.3v for the 800DIP.
More to follow. Going from a 'bit' chip [ARM] to a byte chip [8051] has been interesting
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Re: LPC800-DIP-8051

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Looking good, can't wait to see more details.

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