control from an iPad

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control from an iPad

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>I thought I'd post this discussion from the help line (earlier posts at the


Rather than the 1K panel, I'd suggest an ARMweb, or dedicated cheap PC, or a
WizNet module. Any of these could serve a webpage, and that gives you control
from anything with a browser


Yes it would be cheaper but I want to have the touch screen that can communicate
with an i-pad and then use the i-phone app that comes with that touch screen.


There are 4 PWMs available, and you can read the 2 pots with 2 A/Ds

At 1K for a Modbus touch panel, wouldn't it be easier to talk to a PC (and
cheaper), or an Android tablet via USB?


This is what I need the MODBUS for. ... ces/C-more_\


I'd say the SuperPRO can probably do most of what you are looking to do, with
some external support.

It's hard to access all 6 ADs as 2 are shared with debug pins (a bit of an
oversight IMHO from NXP).

And for 2 analog outputs, unless you plan to use PWM to generate them, there is
only 1 D/A and it shares a pin with an A/D

We've done some MODBUS on other parts, and know it can be done, not sure what it
would talk to in your house.

Ethernet is also something we do a lot with, with our ARMweb product, and
sometime this year we'll have a 1788 based version of that (not soon)


> Hey, I have a house with four motion
> detectors that will turn on a pump to recirculate the hot
> water when someone comes into the bathroom or kitchen. These
> motion detectors are small transistor sized three wire
> motion detectors with digital output and supply voltage from
> ... ND/2601863
> I want to use your ARMmiteProSDK controller to run these and
> also drive two PMW controllers
> GE AF 300 mini: ... rivebr18-t\
> Sorry about all the links but I also want to run 10 digital
> inputs 12 Digital outputs /// and 6 analog inputs and 2
> analog outputs for the drivers mentioned above. Now, in a
> prefect world, I would be able to use Ethernet and
> MODBUS so I can communicate with a touch screen
> device.
> How much is possible with your little controllers and if
> I\'m crazy just tell me.

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Re: control from an iPad

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Why do you want to use an obsolete controller? GE controllers were manufactured by FUJI for the longest time. But when Fuji decided to come to the US on their own they terminated their relationship with GE. FUJI stopped making controllers for GE in the early 2000s. Take a look at AC Tech's SMV series controllers. ... d-Duty.pdf They are very reasonably priced, about a half of what an obsolete GE controller would cost.

I would suggest an IDEC smart relay for your digital inputs/outputs.

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Re: control from an iPad

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I completely agree with what likebarber said. Just to put my two cents: famaga is also a worth to look at.

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