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mbed.1768 - ArchPro

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:00 am
by olzeke51
Just got my ArchPro from SeeedStudio, got the mbed.BASIC from Coridium for LPC1768 generic (not ethernet)
plugged in the ArchPro , copied the file over to the "mbed file folder" - Windows XP
did the reset button - lots of flashy LEDs. but no go when loaded BasicTools - - no comm port
used this link to get the serial drivers
followed the instructions; started BTools, pushed reset on the board - had some funny characters
HAD TO CHANGE the baud rate to 115K, then the reset button on the ArchPro - Voila !!!!!!
Now to run it through some paces - at least BLINKY!!!
'til later - olzeke51
selected BLINKY from the Examples folder and got all 4 LEDs going in a pattern, then all on when it hit 29 !!!!!
Way to Go , Somebody !! (?BasicChip?)

Re: mbed.1768 - ArchPro

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:00 am
by olzeke51
getting this error message - Fault at &H38f2
running a fake RTC using wait(998)- it prints out the time okay
I think some AD is failing - although I have tried to comment those out.
any clues ?? it does return me to the ARMbasic Kernel[8.33a], etc....
there are no #includes -
there are no # ..USE ccc statements
all of my subroutines are in the &H10xxx according to the BTools Code window popup
variables are in the &H1000nnnn area
program worked on SuperPro [after changing my AD() channel] & my BasicChip
**** update
this code is causing the error -- the AD() call/manipulation is the problem
---if I comment it out and put in the =77 then no problem
function event_current_status()
dim current_status
current_status = AD(2) >>6
'current_status = 77
return current_status
end function

Re: mbed.1768 - ArchPro

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:29 am
by olzeke51
new jissue - with the BT <Stop> button -- it asks to do the reset button then click on the "OK" in the popup window-
You have to do this fairly quickly - maybe in a second or two.
I have my mouse over the button and use my left hand to do the ArchPro <reset> button so that I can click fast enough!!!!