DAQFactory very slow and dropping data

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DAQFactory very slow and dropping data

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We're having an issue with DAQFactory where the UI becomes very sluggish and serial data is being dropped. This is how we've configured DAQFactory for our test:
We're reading data from two devices - a LabJack and serial input data. We're sampling 19 analog LabJackUD channels and 100 serial channels. Each channel has a history of 500,000 points. The serial telemetry data is output by our micro at a 1Hz rate and we're using the following protocol script to push the serial parameters to the channel table:

if (strIn == Chr(13))
private string datain = ReadUntil(13)
private string head = Left(datain,6)
if(head == "+telem")

private string data = Parse(datain, 1, ":")

private string items = parse(data, -1, ",")

private numEntries = NumRows(items)

// Go through each one and pull off the value
for (Private.index = 0, index < numEntries, index++)
Channel.AddValue(strDevice, 1, "Telemetry", index, StrToDouble(items[index]))
We've defined a total of 8 pages where each page has at least one graph in it and numerous Variable Value display UI element. We are also logging all channel data to a file. When we first start running, all UI elements are being updated and DAQFactory is somewhat responsive, but as our test continues to run DAQFactory starts dropping serial data and becomes very sluggish. A restart every hours or so appears to fix the data dropping issue, but is certainly not ideal since our tests last days. What are we doing wrong, or are we exceeding the capabilities of DAQFactory?

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Re: DAQFactory very slow and dropping data

Post by basicchip »

Not sure what this has to do with Coridium, are you gathering data with our devices? In general you could use other serial programs to capture data to look for anomalies.

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