Async parameters

Questions on UARTs, and serial communication
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Async parameters

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>from the help line
>For the serial I/O instructions, I do see the baud command, but how
>about the case where you have more than one stop bit and or parity
>defined by the hardware your are talking to ?
>I looked at your Serial.bas routine that needs for be included if you
>use the serial routines ( #include<SERIAL.bas> ), are you stuck with
>8N1 for both the bit banged or uart routines ?

The bit banged routines are written for 8N1, but since you have the
source, you can change them.

The hardware routines also use 8N1, but that can be changed by writing
directly to the control registers of the UARTs. They are only altered
following reset or when the BAUD settings are changed. Details on how
to do that in the User Manual for the LPC21xx (links in the hardware
section of the help files --> CPU details).

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