Questions on UARTs, and serial communication
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>from the help line
>I am using an ArmExpressLite unit.

>When the documentation refers to a pin number is it refering to the 24pin
ArmExpressLite pin number, (such as TXD(3,a)) or the PIO number?

For the ARMexpress and LITE the pin number refers to the diagram in the help

This was to maintain some compatibility with the BASIC stamp. It was kept with
the ARMmite, but starting with the ARMweb we are moving toward using the PIO
assignment from the manufacturer (NXP now).

>Also I am needing to do a RS232 to RS485 conversion, do you have any advice on
what to use for this?

For full duplex its pretty easy using devices like 75174 - 75176. To handle
half duplex or multi-drop you will need to control the transmitter with another

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